The products we make a gluten free claim on (and label on the front of package) are:

  • McKenzie’s Rice Flour 375g 

  • McKenzie’s Ground Rice 375g 

  • McKenzie’s Arrowroot (Tapioca Flour) 175g 

  • McKenzie’s Baking Powder 125g 

  • McKenzie’s Chick Pea Flour 330g

  • McKenzie’s Lentil Flour 330g

  • McKenzie’s Coconut Flour 330g

  • McKenzie’s Tapioca Flour 300g

  • McKenzie's Tigernut Flour 250g

  • McKenzie’s Corn Flour 300g

  • McKenzie’s Quinoa Flour 350g

  • McKenzie’s White Quinoa 375g

  • McKenzie’s Black Quinoa 375g

  • McKenzie’s Red Quinoa 375g

  • McKenzie’s Tricolour Quinoa 375g

We have a wide range of products that do not contain any gluten including most of our herbs and spices and baking ingredients. We advise you check the packaging for specific products you are after, and the allergen claims will be on the back of the product near the ingredients list if the product does contain any allergens or if a current product’s allergen status changes.

McKenzie’s is committed to clearly communicating to consumers which of our products either contain gluten or traces of gluten.